First-time 新生

Application Process:

  2. Have your most recent official high school transcript sent to the Office of Admissions.
    1. Please have transcripts sent electronically to our office. If you have questions about this, please cont行为 us at
  3. If you have taken the ACT or SAT, have your official scores sent to our office. UNA is currently test optional, so these are not required for admission purposes. You can request these at www.行为.org  or www.美国大学.com
  4. If you have taken classes for dual-credit at another college or university, have your official transcripts sent to UNA.

Admission Requirements

  • Unconditional Admission:

    • High School Grade-Point Average of 2.5 (4.0 scale) on an overall unweighted scale**
    • At least 13 high school units distributed as follows:
      • 英语: (4 approved units)
      • 数学: algebra I, algebra II, geometry, trigonometry, statistics or calculus (2 units)
      • Natural or Physical Science: one biological and one physical science (2 units)
      • Social 研究: one unit American/United States history and at least 1/2 unit in government, with the balance from world history, state history, 经济学, 地理位置, 心理学, political science or anthropology. (3)单位
      • 其他: foreign language, computer sciences, or any of the courses listed in the above areas which are not used to meet requirements in those areas (2 units)
  • Conditional Admission:

    • High school Grade-Point Average of 2.0-2.49 on an overall unweighted scale**
    • At least 11 high school units as distributed above
* High school graduates who have never attended college and who have been out of high school for 5 or more years, as well as those who are more than 25 years old, must comply only with the GPA requirement and are exempt from the standardized test requirement.
** 代替 of the high school transcript, successful completion of the GED is acceptable.
UNA is test-optional for admission purposes. You will be considered for admissions and scholarships without a test score on file. If you have additional questions, please cont行为 your admissions counselor.
The University of North Alabama superscores the ACT effective Fall 2021.  Superscoring at the University of North Alabama means that we consider student’s highest ACT section (or subtest) scores regardless of test date. The super composite ACT score is calculated as the average of the best ACT 英语, 阅读, 数学 and Science subject scores and is used as one of multiple f行为ors in admission and financial aid.  Students are encouraged to send the University of North Alabama all of their ACT scores to utilize the Superscore option. 

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